Definition of luminesce in English:



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  • Emit light by luminescence.

    ‘genes in these marine bacteria make them luminesce’
    • ‘In the laboratory, males luminesced more often than juveniles and females, and more frequently when in a group of males, than when in a group with females.’
    • ‘As a result, the entire upper surface of the laminate visibly luminesces in the presence of exciting radiation.’
    • ‘Thus in two of the dated samples the zircons failed to luminesce, and the transmitted and reflected light images of the zircons were the preferred source to glean some structural information on these zircons.’
    • ‘Under normal light/dark conditions, the clock genes rhythmically luminesced in each of the cultured segments - head, thorax and abdomen.’
    • ‘Aequorin, when bound to its cofactor coelenterazine, luminesces in response to calcium binding.’
    • ‘She does not recognize the pattern of bars that luminesce on the gel until she has stared at it for a full minute.’
    • ‘Mixing of droplets caused enzyme reaction, and luciferin luminesced.’
    • ‘On both sides of the area where the torso would have been, there were hand prints which luminesced from the superglue fuming/dye stain development.’
    • ‘It is now also known that, in addition to scattering blue light and luminescing in the red, the dust in these clouds are luminescing in the blue, also.’
    • ‘Both dyes luminesce with single exponential lifetimes, and the emission is accurately fit by the sum of two exponential decays, with lifetimes identical to those measured separately in aqueous solution.’
    • ‘The scan probably took about 40 seconds to make; in that time the young gills luminesced enough to distort the image, clearly visible in the enlargement!’
    • ‘According to the present invention, therefore, a dental restorative material is characterised by an additive which luminesces when irradiated by visible-wavelength light.’
    shine, glimmer, glint, catch the light, glitter, shimmer, glow, sparkle, twinkle, flicker, blink, wink, glisten, flash, flare, beam, fluoresce
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Late 19th century: back-formation from luminescence.