Definition of luderick in English:



  • An edible herbivorous fish of Australasian coastal waters and estuaries.

    Girella tricuspidata, family Kyphosidae

    Also called blackfish
    • ‘The bream and luderick have also started to fire around the Evans River walls.’
    • ‘The best bait for crabs is the frame of a fish that has been filleted, eg mullet, luderick, bream etc.’
    • ‘Other fish on the go are pan-size bream, luderick and drummers (off the rocks) with some large flathead ambushing bait in and around the shallows.’
    • ‘A few bream and possibly a luderick around the gap could be bagged.’
    • ‘The luderick are coming on and off around Munsies Bridge and the Porpoise Wall.’
    • ‘The luderick are in amongst bream at the Evans walls while main beach has had some nice whiting being caught between the north wall and surf club.’
    • ‘At Evans some nice bream and luderick are getting along the north wall.’
    • ‘Head around into the boat harbour with some berley and the luderick should be there.’
    • ‘Around Munsies Bridge is another good spot for luderick on either one of the approaches.’
    • ‘The luderick are also poking about in their usual haunts.’
    • ‘Bream are still around with the luderick in the local haunts as well.’
    • ‘The luderick are still in the local haunts and the outside lads have not much to gloat about at all.’


Late 19th century: from Ganay (an Aboriginal language) ludarag.