Definition of lucubration in English:



mass nounarchaic
  • 1Writing or study.

    ‘after sixteen years' lucubration he produced this account’
    1. 1.1usually lucubrationscount noun A learned or pedantic piece of writing.
      ‘it was natural enough to return the compliment by endorsing his newest lucubrations’
      • ‘What is so deeply revolting about her lucubrations is their unutterable and invincible bourgeois complacency.’
      • ‘On the other hand, the Journal-Constitution also brings us the counterpoint to his lucubrations.’
      • ‘He evangelized for an idiosyncratic version of Henri Bergson's creative evolution, stripped of the Frenchman's lucubrations on space, time, duration, memory, and mind.’
      • ‘This immediately puts its finger on Powell's distinctive wit and suggests why the narrative voice of Dance is so engaging, as are lucubrations like the above one about marriage.’
      • ‘Further, the lucubrations of a bitter, lonely, and hurt old man did indeed lead him to a convenient anti-Semitism above the then-norm in his old age.’
      • ‘Their lucubrations may be persuasive, but not authoritative.’


Late 16th century: from Latin lucubratio(n-), from the verb lucubrare (see lucubrate).