Definition of lucky bag in English:

lucky bag


  • another term for grab bag
    • ‘Meanwhile, she was also looking to take matters into her own hands and decided to buy a lucky bag on the promise that if there was a ring in it, she would propose to David.’
    • ‘A lucky bag revealed three gems as Haworth West Lane Baptist Amateur Operatic Society celebrated its 40th birthday.’
    • ‘She chose bag No.2 and this was the lucky bag containing the car key making her the proud new owner of the famous Fairgreen Volkswagen Beetle.’
    • ‘But if that doesn't seem worth losing a toe or two to frostbite for there's always the ‘lucky bags’, packed with £750 worth of goodies on sale for just under £250.’
    • ‘Instead he got down to business right away, chatted his young admirers and handed out presents and lucky bags.’
    • ‘I remember coming home from school with my latest creation from Mother Rose's craft class, and would nip into Gorman's shop for a packet of Perry Crisps and a lucky bag which cost me a whole sixpence.’
    • ‘Among the items being delivered personally by the Irish soldiers are clothes, food and lucky bags for the children, which have been donated by groups around Ireland.’