Definition of lowland Scots in English:

lowland Scots


mass noun
  • The form of English used in the region of Scotland lying south and east of the Highlands.

    ‘Mary's stories are told in her native lowland Scots’
    • ‘The proverbial material of established older novelists and poets such as the Lowland Scots of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott has attracted some attention.’
    • ‘My love of the UK has a lot to do with being raised on British fairy tales and the lowland Scots lilt in my grandmother's voice.’
    • ‘The phonological similarity between Ulster and Lowland Scots is reinforced by vocabulary, although many traditional words are in decline.’
    • ‘Lowland Scots took well to ballad metre, which was familiar to them in folk song.’
    • ‘The lowland Scots language began to fade from secular as well as religious literature.’
    • ‘It's worth noting that Hume, Sands and Adams are lowland Scots names.’
    • ‘Her 'Three Craws' harks back to a children's song in auld lowlands Scots.’
    • ‘All the rest of the family, I presume, spoke educated lowland Scots.’
    • ‘The closest thing to a national tongue is Lowland Scots, which is what Burns wrote his poetry in.’
    • ‘The parent language of Ulster Scots, Lowland Scots has been classified a minority language.’