Definition of lower the boom on in English:

lower the boom on


North American
  • 1Treat or reprimand (someone) severely.

    ‘his fellow Democrats don't want to be seen as lowering the boom on him’
    • ‘Let the credit card companies eat it for a while by telling them to tighten their new credit requirements - don't just suddenly lower the boom on people.’
    • ‘He came in and lowered the boom on a lot of people, and he didn't let people off the hook just because they were friendly or nice.’
    • ‘He says he simply forgot about memos in his own hand in 1981 and 1984 that show him lowering the boom on two previously undisclosed priests accused of molestation.’
    • ‘His edgy temper flared again on April 18, when he lowered the boom on a dry cleaner.’
    • ‘He was walking through the halls of the Department of Energy when an acquaintance came up to him and said, ‘Has Frank lowered the boom on you yet?’’
    • ‘They lowered the boom on him, for no particular reason, after a snap decision that only took a few months.’
    1. 1.1 Put a stop to (an activity)
      ‘let's lower the boom on high-level corruption’
      • ‘He can scarce contain his glee as he is lauded him for lowering the boom on government troughing.’
      • ‘We just need to get a lock on power for another four years, and then we'll lower the boom on big government.’