Definition of lower chamber in English:

lower chamber


  • another term for lower house
    • ‘Amongst the Polish envoys there was also a high proportion of magnates' sons, who like their British counterparts were frequently expected to cut their teeth in the lower chamber before rising to the senate.’
    • ‘German voters on Sunday cast their ballots to elect the members of the parliament's lower chamber, the Bundestag.’
    • ‘This allows the smaller states, which often have distinct cultures, to have a louder voice than they get in the lower chamber and stop themselves from being totally ignored.’
    • ‘Russian government officials say it will not be easy for Putin to schedule a visit to Japan, given an election in December of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly, and a presidential election in March next year.’
    • ‘The Progressives, as the liberals in the Prussian lower chamber (chamber of deputies) called their party, bitterly opposed the reform.’
    • ‘This week law makers in the lower chambers, the National Council, raised the issue of traffic control during the festive season.’
    • ‘As it stands Fox's party will have between 148 and 158 seats in the lower chamber of congress, while the PRI will have between 222 and 227 seats.’
    • ‘The move was approved 212 to 92 on January 22 by the upper chamber, the House of Lords, following its acceptance in December by the lower chamber, the House of Commons.’
    • ‘At that time, opposition was concentrated in the Supreme Council of Russia and later in the Duma, the lower chamber of parliament.’
    • ‘According to the preliminary official final result, the CDA won 43 of the 150 seats in the lower chamber of the Dutch parliament.’
    • ‘On the structural front, like Congress, Australia's Parliament calls its lower chamber the House of Representatives.’
    • ‘That's what passes for government in the lower chamber these days.’
    • ‘The powers of the president largely a ceremonial post will be shared by the prime minister and the speaker of the lower chamber of parliament until a successor can be found.’
    • ‘Last Thursday, following a week of media frenzy, the Kremlin's response to the Beslan tragedy reached the lower chamber of Parliament, the state Duma.’
    • ‘But in early February 1990, the Council of Ministers adopted the proposal prepared by the OKP and forwarded it to the Sejm, the lower chamber of the Polish parliament.’
    • ‘The 21-year-old will spend three months working for the Committee on Rules in the House of Representatives - the lower chamber of the US Congress.’
    • ‘The majority Shiite community boycotted the elections in protest against the fact that the upper chamber of parliament will be appointed, and will be able to over-rule the lower chamber.’
    • ‘In January, the upper and lower chambers of the Cambodian parliament approved the Khmer Rouge trial bill, but the Constitutional Council, the country's highest legal body, has demanded that part of the bill be revised.’
    • ‘In the same year, the lower chamber of the Austrian Parliament enacted the Federal Constitutional Law on Permanent Neutrality.’
    • ‘This lower chamber or House of Assembly, elected by the planters in the parishes, controlled the public funds and used this aspect to put pressure on the governor and his council.’