Definition of lower (or raise or lift) the bar in English:

lower (or raise or lift) the bar


  • Lower (or raise) the standards which need to be met in order to qualify for something.

    ‘the restaurant raised the bar for contemporary Scottish cuisine in the capital’
    • ‘This year, the judges said that they raised the bar.’
    • ‘However, with your latest project, you really are raising the bar.’
    • ‘His running mate has just raised the bar.’
    • ‘We are confident that next year's rendition of the contest will raise the bar once again.’
    • ‘So maybe lowering the bar is a good thing.’
    • ‘I think this speech tonight raised the bar for what was already a very significant Republican challenge.’
    • ‘The bill does not lower the bar.’
    • ‘He insisted that the interpretation that this would ultimately lower the bar was not quite accurate.’
    • ‘Linkin Park have raised the bar high for hook laden pop metal.’
    • ‘Ivan Fischer is the person, once a relationship is cultivated, to raise the bar.’