Definition of lowboy in English:



North american
  • 1A low chest or table with drawers and short legs.

    • ‘The purchase included a ‘New England hooked rug,’ a mirror, a picture of George Washington, and a lot of maple and walnut furniture - four beds, one highboy one lowboy and five tables.’
  • 2A trailer with a low frame for transporting very tall or heavy loads.

    • ‘In addition to training students to operate construction equipment, some schools also train operators to drive dump trucks and tractor-trailer lowboys.’
    • ‘A 12-ft. blade seems especially popular because it can manage a generous 10-ft. pass, but you still can adjust the angle so it is readily transported on an 8-ft. lowboy trailer.’
    • ‘Most were 20 footers, but there were some 40 footers and lowboys.’
    • ‘The consensus seems to be: ‘Buy the lowest-running lowboy trailer you possibly can.’’
    • ‘So I put the dozer on a lowboy, ran over to the other job, pushed the buttons for that job, did an hour's worth of work, put it right back on the lowboy, and went back to the first job.’
    • ‘‘There needs to be a little bit of planning, especially if you're using the lowboy,’ he states.’
    • ‘‘This size is big enough to carry heavier loads and small enough to move around town on a lowboy and allows us to do fine grading, which is very important for preparing sites for building slabs,’ he says.’
    • ‘The lowboy trailer we use primarily for the things that are over 25 tons; some of our larger excavators that are overwide and overweight; for instance, a Cat EL300.’
    • ‘Having a lowboy instead would make a big difference, he admits, as he would gain about 2 ft. in vertical clearance and would squeeze under more bridges.’
    • ‘However, just prior to start point, one of the 5-tons with a build-up went down, so we had to use one lowboy to put the buildup on because it bad most of the maintenance tools - another use for the lowboys.’
    • ‘Furthermore, our forward support battalion used our lowboys to move its connexes.’
    • ‘They can also be transported by trucks on lowboys and lifted by military or standard cranes.’
    • ‘This allows us to make a 10-foot pass that moves material beyond the rear tires, and you can angle it to fit on an 8-foot-wide lowboy trailer without hanging over the sides.’
    • ‘With our two-track machine, we can just load them on a lowboy and take off.’
    • ‘With the slope board in the vertical position, the overall width of the dozer and attachment is less than 12 ft., eliminating the need for a pilot car when transporting the tractor on a lowboy trailer.’
    • ‘He was told it would be a major advantage for him to also have a Class A commercial driver's license so he would be able to drive the tractor-trailer lowboys used to haul construction equipment to job sites.’
    • ‘Now just about everybody is using the lowboy and their own tractor so they can load multiple pieces.’