Definition of low water in English:

low water


  • another term for low tide
    • ‘At low water the walk back to the sea wall takes a little longer, but even at high water and with the help of the rope, getting up in full kit is far harder than getting down.’
    • ‘Similarly at low water, the line of flow of freshwater streams will often appear.’
    • ‘At low water, its yellow sands surround a series of isolated rocks, reputed to be the stepping-stones of a giant.’
    • ‘Its wedge shape is visible in old photographs of the river side of the Tor di Nona at low water.’
    • ‘Maximum achievable depth is 7m on a spring tide, 4m at low water.’
    • ‘It had been dead low water when they crossed to the island; by the time they reached the mainland once more, the flood tide was sending hissing waves high up the beach.’
    • ‘At low water the remains of the wreck are perhaps only 200m from the shoreline in depths of 5-8m and can easily be snorkelled from the beach if you have the energy.’
    • ‘I would continue wading out as the water continued to drop, often fishing less than 3ft of water at low water.’
    • ‘At low water the surface is below the height of the cavern and it is possible to come up.’
    • ‘I am already loaded too heavily for the low water and may be caught at any time and we have but little provision.’
    • ‘The present depth of the channel at low water is 2.6 meters and the harbour board and fishermen are seeking to increase this depth to 5.2 meters with a major dredging and rockblasting operation.’
    • ‘That pollution is still causing major concern and, as two swimmers recoiling from their usual off-pier plunge reported, the sewage is openly visible at low water.’
    • ‘You target them though, during the spring tides either side of low water as you can get closer to the waters edge and drop your bait right into their lair.’
    • ‘The chairman said the present depth of 2.8 meters at low water was totally inadequate for the modern fishing vessels to have free access to the port at all times and he said a depth of five meters at low water was required.’