Definition of low pressure in English:

low pressure


mass noun
  • 1A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is below average (e.g. in a depression)

    ‘areas of low pressure almost always bring rain’
    • ‘During the summer season, a center of low pressure develops over the western part of India because of the intense heating of the landmass, while high pressure develops over the relatively cool Indian Ocean.’
    • ‘Light-ice years are associated with more low-pressure activity in the East Siberian Sea.’
    • ‘If we get low pressure, a west wind and a spring tide the flooding will occur again.’
    • ‘At the same time the cold air moving southwards behind the low-pressure centre is losing height.’
    • ‘The first thing is, remember, a hurricane is just an area of extremely low pressure, and there's a lot of circulation around that center of low pressure.’
  • 2Physical pressure that is lower than a standard or average pressure.

    ‘the locomotive stores hydrogen in a tank that can hold over 5000 litres at low pressure’


  • 1Characterized by or exhibiting atmospheric pressure that is below average.

    ‘low-pressure systems across the Alps’
  • 2Involving a small or limited degree of physical pressure.

    ‘a low-pressure nozzle is recommended’
  • 3Involving a low level of exertion, difficulty, or responsibility; not likely to cause stress or anxiety.

    ‘working as a lawyer in the City is hardly a relaxing, low-pressure job’
    ‘her low-pressure style of teaching’
    1. 3.1 Employing a low degree of persuasion.
      ‘a seminar in low-pressure sales tactics’