Definition of low life in English:

low life


mass noun
  • 1People or activities characterized as being disreputable and often criminal.

    ‘crackheads, loafers, and general Nineties low life’
    • ‘Get your low-life buddies to trash your rival and then appear above it all at your own convention.’
    • ‘Apparently, low-life scum hurled stones at it till all but one of its 10 rings had been smashed.’
    • ‘Pattaya is a tourist city and we cannot have such low-life criminals attacking tourists.’
    • ‘From the beginning of his career Shakespeare made use of low-life characters as moral commentators.’
    • ‘We knew instinctively that we had overcome almost everything a brutal, racist country threw at us; and such a motley collection of low-life thugs had no right to feel superior to anyone.’
    • ‘This dark and dingy thriller tells of an ex-con struggling to piece together his life, reconcile with his father, reunite with his girlfriend and avoid his former low-life colleagues as he goes in search of his ill-gotten gains.’
    • ‘Eight UK websites have been forced to shut down following an investigation into low-life scam operations that make claims that prove to be ‘too good to be true’.’
    • ‘That you are banned from the shops because you are a grubby, low-life thief.’
    • ‘There is nothing to deter any of these low-life creatures who abduct, abuse and murder children, attack and rape the elderly, terrorise and rob shopkeepers or commit any one of the many horrific crimes one hears about these days.’
    • ‘I know many administrators face the problem of allowing only certain authorized individuals access to their mail server without making it a relay for low-life spammers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he looks exactly like 1000 other low-life street punks.’
    • ‘Ford, playing a low-life hustler who cheats at cards and dice, has a soft, dark, sensuous look, sensitive rather than intelligent.’
    • ‘They had been treated like some kind of low-life animals.’
    • ‘‘Their place is going to be crawling with bodyguards and other low-life goons,’ he mumbled.’
    • ‘Unlike other kinds of theft where the principal beneficiaries are the thief and other low-life cretins, here the person who benefits the most is another contractor.’
    • ‘Expect ripe language, prostitution, low-life characters, black marketeering, drug abuse and more - but there may be a little bit of romanticism even in this grim tale.’
    • ‘It had not spent years polishing the party's image, making it attractive to the electorate, only to have it tarnished by a bunch of low-life crooks.’
    • ‘I spoke to an adult to complain about the children and was told I was low-life scum and that they would burn my caravan down.’
    • ‘I've worked and lived in the city for many years - it's disgusting that I'm being driven out because of low-life thieves and hooligans.’
    • ‘No, YOU were about ready to have the time of your life, snarled Katrina, with that disgusting man… a low-life murderer and a scoundrel.’
    scoundrel, villain, rogue, rascal, brute, animal, weasel, snake, monster, ogre, wretch, devil, good-for-nothing, reprobate, wrongdoer, evil-doer
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    1. 1.1informal count noun A criminal or disreputable person.
      ‘he hangs out with lowlifes who cheat him at cards’
      • ‘Has my father finally decided to pay whatever ransom you lowlifes asked?’
      • ‘With a renegade war lord thrown into the equation and a host of dangerous lowlifes out to help and hinder him, he soon realises that getting out of the drugs business just might cost him everything.’
      • ‘Instead it's just dark bleak noir, set in a fictional city filled with scumbags, lowlifes, and of course, beautiful women.’
      • ‘His crew were no more than ex-convicts and unemployed lowlifes looking for quick and easy cash.’
      • ‘And why would you wish to accompany such lowlifes?’
      • ‘At least then they would be protected from the nasty pimps and lowlifes who prey on them and often end up causing great harm to them.’
      • ‘As always, he draws indelible portraits of gangsters and lowlifes.’
      • ‘And here's two scumbag lowlifes who kidnap her because they think her relatives have $150,000.’
      • ‘I wonder when you were planning on telling us you were a thief, a lowlife like us.’
      • ‘Mary's used to taking care of lowlifes and criminals, so she has to be tough.’
      • ‘But they featured real people - the prostitutes and lowlifes of Rome with whom the artist mixed, and his male and female lovers.’
      • ‘Bo has no choice but to stand up to these lowlifes.’
      • ‘I am unjustly persecuted, he is under suspicion, you are a criminal lowlife.’
      • ‘So maybe he didn't like his daughter hanging out with lowlifes.’
      • ‘It became a magnet for creeps, lowlifes and homeless people.’
      • ‘They're nothing but lousy lowlifes with nothing better to do but smoke dope.’
      • ‘You weren't a victim in those days, you were a scumbag lowlife and you were a felon.’
      • ‘Elaine cries herself to sleep at night because of what this scum, these lowlifes, have done to us.’
      • ‘But Bess could do anything she wanted around the lowlifes and know she was safe - the word of her great fighting skills had spread throughout the town like wildfire.’
      • ‘This is an ironic picture of life among the lowlifes - adrift, opportunistic, and alienated.’
      scoundrel, villain, ruffian, rogue, rascal, reprobate, criminal, delinquent, good-for-nothing, cad
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