Definition of low-rider in English:



  • A customized vehicle with hydraulic jacks that allow the chassis to be lowered nearly to the road.

    • ‘He even complained about not being able to drive to low-rider and left on his own. - Video package showing Brock's past in the WWE history, including him beating Hogan, Rock, Taker, Angle, Show, Cena, and clips of him annihilating’
    • ‘I'm not really into low-riders or chrome letters or stuff like that.’
    • ‘As usual, you can simply drive around and just enjoy the radio playing in your low-rider, or any other vehicle you can ‘jack from the streets.’
    • ‘The road was bumpy and Mike's low-rider was taking it with a little bounce.’
    • ‘The Chicago-Lake intersection was teeming with indestructible hip-hop kids and nervous cops, and all around me, tough guys and gum-chewing flirts were nodding to the rhythm of their bass-booming vans, low-riders, and convertibles.’
    • ‘Farther down in the article, the interviewee waxed poetic about the Sunday afternoon parade of low-riders down Federal Boulevard.’
    • ‘In preparation for summer, corporate monoliths like Sony and Warner Brothers try to market some essential singles that'll have all the low-riders bouncing until September.’
    • ‘Today's comparably visible low-rider subculture continues to articulate the pachuco heritage in imagery and in letters to the editors of Low Rider Magazine.’
    • ‘It's this combination of low-rider and beautifully hand-crafted hot rod.’
    • ‘Just then, Dustin pulled up in his dark blue low-rider truck.’
    • ‘He dress is typically casual - grey sweater and black pants; his cars, a black blacked-out low-rider Tahoe SUV (customized with a humidor, among other goodies) and a black Mercedes S500, are both luxurious but not flashy.’
    • ‘Once in America, things immediately start going from bad to worse: Raymond steals a pimped-out low-rider from the leader of the local Latino gang, then their contact gives them the wrong address for their mark.’
    • ‘He isn't only interested in hot rods and low-riders.’
    • ‘He provided a canary-yellow low-rider for the film Ali G Indahouse, and landed a role in one of the shoot-out scenes.’