Definition of low-residue in English:



  • (of a meal or diet) designed to produce relatively little faeces and urine.

    • ‘A low-residue diet decreases bulk that may cause pain and blockage in areas of the small intestine narrowed by adhesions.’
    • ‘If you have been on a low-residue diet for an extended period of time, your doctor may recommend a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.’
    • ‘In an Italian study, 70 CD patients were randomly assigned to follow a low-residue diet or a normal Italian diet for 29 months.’
    • ‘If your child has lots of diarrhea he/she may need to be on a low-lactose (no milk products) or low-residue diet.’
    • ‘All patients were admitted one day before surgery and received a low-residue diet.’
    • ‘Acute constipation usually has an organic cause, while chronic constipation usually has a functional cause (e.g., low-residue diet).’
    • ‘This low-residue diet provides food which will produce only a moderate amount of internal residue and therefore a reduced amount of stool in the lower bowel.’
    • ‘He also recommended other low-residue food, such as bananas, porridge and boiled potatoes for people recovering from diarrhea.’