Definition of low-priority in English:



  • Not urgent or of great importance.

    ‘a low-priority task’
    • ‘He feared the plan could see resources devoted to targeting low-priority cases.’
    • ‘I doubt that I will ever give up e-mail but there is no way I use it for anything other than a low-priority background task, worthy of the same headspace as sifting through the contents of my letter box at home.’
    • ‘Councillors were also told that some low-priority services and grants might have to be withdrawn, or charges for services introduced or increased to plug the gap.’
    • ‘It will also handle all low-priority 999 ambulance calls to help free up ambulances for more urgent cases from 2005.’
    • ‘Once you have critically evaluated all the ways you spend time during a given day, you should find ways to eliminate the low-priority tasks by finding someone else to take on some of your responsibilities, then be more efficient at the tasks you must handle.’
    • ‘If the user's experience of your product is a low-priority item, then maybe it's time to reassess your project's priorities.’
    • ‘Low-priority complaints (ie, complaints about issues that do not endanger patients) are initiated within 70 days and completed within 75 days after initiation.’
    • ‘The police, naturally, can see that as a low-priority function, especially if they think that the court is just going to slap the offender with a non-custodial sentence, so that they end up seeing the offender simply rotating through the justice system because the penalty is not effective.’
    • ‘How many high-priority customers have waited in queue while agents gave their attention to other, low-priority customers?’
    • ‘Pychyl says that procrastinators typically "binge" on low-priority activities, bustling about with stuff that's second- or third-level priority, rather than tackling the things they really need to do.’