Definition of low-minded in English:



  • Vulgar or sordid in mind or character.

    • ‘Many, no doubt, will be low-minded thrill-seekers.’
    • ‘You, my friend, are obviously a low-minded loser who tries to make himself interesting by trying to write a ridiculous story about a subject about which you don't know anything.’
    • ‘The most educated society ever is also the most inarticulate and low-minded.’
    • ‘What the ignorant see as evil, the enlightened see as the actions of low-minded and immature individuals.’
    • ‘If the voters demand a clean election, the low-minded, unscrupulous candidates will be eliminated naturally through competition; the virtuous politicians will then get elected.’
    • ‘Independent owners, of course, can be as high- or low-minded as any chain, and just as acquisitive.’
    • ‘And two low-minded holders of high office told a former government press secretary they had reason to believe the senator was a British agent and asked him to find out more.’
    sordid, improper, low, mean, bad, wrong, evil, wicked, iniquitous, immoral, sinful
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