Definition of low-angle shot in English:

low-angle shot


  • A photograph or film sequence taken from below the subject.

    ‘a low-angle shot of their faces’
    • ‘It is a low-angle shot in the landscape format that is monumentalizing the fallen soldier.’
    • ‘National television broadcasts often begin with a low-angle shot of the sculpture that elevates slowly, as if the viewer is rising from a bow.’
    • ‘The motif, in concert with the low-angle shot and slow-motion photography, heightens the tension.’
    • ‘We see her in low-angle shots, climbing a tall building rendered in a distorted perspective.’
    • ‘An extreme low-angle shot of an icon in the emergency lane of the highway indicating 'no cars' is juxtaposed with an extreme high angle shot of the Brixton tower.’
    • ‘Kubrick's compelling and unique camera placements and low-angle shots, often set against austere white backgrounds, were fresh and daring in 1968 and have often been imitated since.’
    • ‘In one expressive, low-angle shot, we see that he has been made over.’
    • ‘From the extreme low-angle shot that introduces Anna as a pair of shoes to the slight tremor in the camera that reinforces Anna's discomfort in the office, we gain insights that are purely due to cinematography.’
    • ‘His monstrous corpulence is made even more alien by the low-angle shots which literally fill the screen with his belly.’
    • ‘This scene allows another perfect image, a low-angle shot of the wind animating Lau's body with the deep-blue sky background.’