Definition of lovelily in English:



  • See lovely

    • ‘The bond between them was lovelily captured.’
    • ‘Would not the tale, however lovelily begun, sink at once to the level of the Burlesque - of all forms of literature the least worthy?’
    • ‘Plus, the folks at genuine scooters guarantee me that the metal flake sparkles lovelily in the sunlight.’
    • ‘There was no ornament else about her, except on her slippers, which were one mass of gleaming emeralds, of various shades of green, all mingling lovelily like the waving of grass in the wind and sun.’
    • ‘All the princesses sing lovelily.’
    • ‘The songs synthesize lots of influences into a cohesive set, where everything flows lovelily for the forty-three-minutes plus of Marry Me.’
    • ‘I exchanged the computer room for the library which was lovelily quiet - quieter than usual and simply a pleasure to study in.’