Definition of loved-up in English:



  • 1Under the influence of the drug Ecstasy, typically with the result of feeling euphoric and affectionate.

    ‘loved-up ravers’
    • ‘Frequent use results in a significant decrease in the loved-up 'ecstasy feeling' and an increase in the amphetamine-like effects.’
    • ‘The cover of Pursuit of Happiness conjures up those hazy, loved-up days, with a picture of an endless road and a distant horizon signifying the elusive pot of gold at the end of rave's rainbow.’
    • ‘If anybody had looked into the clubbing generation they would have found a group of happy, loved-up people, who go to listen to the music, dance and make new friends.’
    • ‘But the soldiers weren't loved-up on Ecstasy; just merry on ethyl alcohol.’
    • ‘The idea was that the deliriously loved-up men would unable to resist one another, but would be suffused with regret once the potion wore off.’
    stupefied, insensible, befuddled
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    1. 1.1In love, or behaving very amorously.
      ‘the sickly sight of loved-up couples on Valentine's Day’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the loved-up pair partly paid for the April celebration by cheque… and it has bounced.’
      • ‘In fact, they had managed to annoy nearly everyone with their loved-up ways.’
      • ‘The loved-up couple had arrived in Ireland by private jet, before being whisked to the plush Hotel in a blacked-out limo.’
      • ‘The loved-up pair plan to tie the knot in August.’
      • ‘Whether you're loved-up or single, we've got Valentine's Day wrapped with original ideas that shout: I love you!’
      • ‘It sucks being single in a room full of people who are loved-up.’
      • ‘Helena, I notice, is making no effort to conceal her loved-up expression whilst gazing at Damon.’
      • ‘So while Nicole in a tight black dress was helped down a flight of stairs, the loved-up pair stayed inside.’
      • ‘She's loved-up and planning a new future with Ian.’
      • ‘Will was obsessed with Emma but now he's loved-up with Honey and hasn't mentioned or seen Emma in weeks.’