Definition of loupe in English:



  • A small magnifying glass used by jewellers and watchmakers.

    • ‘However, the differences between the crystals make it fairly easy to distinguish each species with a microscope or by careful observation with a loupe.’
    • ‘As you work the metal down, occasionally examine the hole with a loupe.’
    • ‘The wound took two months to heal and is now only visible using a jeweler's loupe. -’
    • ‘He releases it, slides it deftly back into the paper, examines it again by the loupe, now lets it squirm in his palm, light reflecting sharply.’
    • ‘This section contains a wide array of magnifiers, jeweler's loupes, tripod magnifiers, magnifying glasses, linen counters, two-way viewers, hand lenses and lucite bug boxes.’
    • ‘They will use the loupes to do 14 different observations.’
    • ‘Given their overall quality, I can't help but marvel at how it's possible to manufacture and bring these loupes to market at such a remarkably low price.’
    • ‘Therefore, gemologists, appraisers, and jewelers routinely use simple tools - such as a jeweler's loupe or microscope - to reveal more about a stone.’
    • ‘As gemstone treatments become more complex, will the lab replace the loupe?’
    • ‘The gold gleam of his jeweler's loupe caught her eye.’
    • ‘This requires a jeweler's magnifying loupe and a very small screwdriver.’
    • ‘Taking the jeweler's loupe from around his neck, he gingerly passed it to her.’
    • ‘Martin sat in front of one of the workbenches in the rear of the shop, a jeweler's loupe in one eye, concentrating on the miniscule soldering tool in his left hand.’
    • ‘For gems, consider purchasing a jeweler's loupe and learning to use it.’
    • ‘The leaf and scroll patterns are well defined and executed with a strength and sureness that holds fast even under the magnification of a watchmaker's loupe.’


Late 19th century: from French.