Definition of loungey in English:



  • 1(of a place) conducive to lounging; comfortable.

    ‘a loungey bar with low seating’
    • ‘This is a bar for every mood… relaxed and loungey at the front, with lots to look at… all the action at the back.’
    • ‘The space has a loungey loft area upstairs filled with casual readers and chatters, plus an open ground-floor cafe with tables and chairs for the laptop crowd.’
    • ‘We don't know much about Chinese wines but we do know that this chic, loungey wine bar decked out in sultry Asian shades specialises in Nectar of the Gods from all corners of the globe.’
    • ‘The plan was to cultivate the loungey atmosphere of his rowdier Old City joints and combine it with French cuisine.’
    • ‘Upstairs is plush loungey seating and bar space where every shining cocktail is concocted with industrial efficiency, while the groovers spin their moves on the vast floor below.’
    • ‘Louche and loungey, the interior is done up in chrome and white leather, all beautifully offset by deep milky blue walls.’
    • ‘After your meal, head downstairs and enjoy live jazz in the cool, loungey atmosphere.’
    • ‘The rest of the room is painted in blue and beige and features a blue couch, a blue throw rug, a smattering of loungey chairs, and more blue drapes frame the front windows.’
    • ‘Miami is packed with posey style bars but this dark, loungey boozer is a down-to-earth find, serving straight-up gin Martinis and Screwdrivers just like they did in the old days.’
    • ‘I like the mix of city and artsy types and the loungey low leather seats.’
    • ‘At last we had a permanent venue to express our ideas with live music, atmospheric recorded music in a comfortable loungey atmosphere.’
    • ‘The venue itself lent itself well to the deep house vibe, very loungey, lots of cozy seating, a dancefloor, and a bar that had surprisingly quick service.’
    • ‘Farther away from the glass railing, a quieter, more loungey atmosphere takes over.’
    • ‘If you like the backlit Italian stained-glass alcove tucked away in the back, you'll love the loungey second-floor expansion coming this fall.’
    • ‘It's a comfortable loungey atmosphere that's even livelier in summer when you can sit outside.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting or relating to easy-listening music.
      ‘loungey club music’
      • ‘The last track on the EP called ‘Hawai’ has a nice jazzy feel and a drifting, loungey vibe that drops in sweet chorus melodies at all the right places.’
      • ‘I am sure the addition of a DJ, or at least some more loungey tunes in keeping with the visual mood of the place would have increased the number of clientele.’
      • ‘I can see that he's trying to go for that loungey type of sound, but unfortunately it doesn't work.’
      • ‘Soon enough though, the track seems to redeem itself into that warm, almost loungey ‘detroit techno meets acid'-vibe.’
      • ‘Anyway, this highly loungey piece probably never sounded better than it does here, played by the Salon Orchestra.’
      • ‘Despite his exemplary crooning ability and his propensity for loungey arrangements, his was never an easy career to sum up.’
      • ‘The band evolved their loungey sound away from a Combustible Edison bossa nova vibe to more rock but still created a smooth, cocktail mood.’
      • ‘With the stage constructed on the round, central dancefloor there's already a certain cabaret feel to things even before three serious-looking and suited men kick off a tight, skilled piece of loungey blues.’
      • ‘But a lot of the songs are simply lovely, loungey numbers in which words, beat, trumpet and keyboards are all carefully weighted and interwoven seamlessly into an effortless-sounding whole.’
      • ‘Plus my favourite local DJ will be spinning deep house / loungey music to chill to.’
      • ‘In terms of my favorite songs of theirs, I immediately veer towards their loungey stuff.’
      • ‘She did an abhorrent loungey version of the Doors’ ‘Light My Fire’.’
      • ‘The film has its visually muddy scenes, but it still exudes a stylish elegance from the exquisite bleached-out imagery of the opening credit sequence to the loungey soundtrack.’
      • ‘Not only are these tunes swanky and loungey, they are incredibly good also.’
      • ‘The second is her husband Nick's keyboard playing, by turns jazzy and loungey.’