Definition of loudhailer in English:



  • An electronic device used to amplify the sound of a person's voice so that it can be heard at a distance; a megaphone.

    • ‘Workers turning up for the afternoon shift were then sacked by loudhailer!’
    • ‘Apart from annoying the people you're trying to encourage, it should be noted that no loudhailers should he used after 8pm, or within 100 yards of a polling station on election day.’
    • ‘We didn't realise until the cop cars and loudhailers appeared.’
    • ‘Some looked angry, while others seemed more amused as some of the angriest protesters bellowed at them through a loudhailer.’
    • ‘The director of operations at the city council, stunned onlookers last year when he grabbed a loudhailer and started yelling at people to pick up their rubbish.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, police with loudhailers went in front of the Stand to alert punters that professional teams of pickpockets were working in the area.’
    • ‘Cars with loudhailers exhorted people to get out and vote.’
    • ‘The procession lurched on its way, Bing Crosby warbling White Christmas from an ancient loudhailer.’
    • ‘The community leader and councillor used a loudhailer to address a crowd of angry pensioners at a grant paypoint yesterday.’
    • ‘One thing seems clear: the potential use of loudhailers on helicopters has not been exhausted.’
    • ‘As the President was introduced to dignitaries, a demonstrator produced a loudhailer and heckled him until he was drowned out by the band playing the US national anthem.’
    • ‘The first hunting horn sounded shortly before 11 am but was drowned out by a determined campaigner and his loudhailer.’
    • ‘Sometimes his exhortations resemble those of a student union leader in a denim jacket and a loudhailer.’
    • ‘The two handheld loudhailers have been replaced with a major Public Address system providing a full race commentary throughout the day.’
    • ‘A brief pause and the band troops back on, clustering in the middle of the stage around those two loudhailers.’
    • ‘The new clauses ban the use of loudhailers in the vicinity of Parliament at any time except for certain specified purposes, such as in an emergency.’
    • ‘Floods also caused some rail services to be diverted, and the Environment Agency issued warnings via loudhailers that the River near the Rail Station was running high.’
    • ‘There he is, sitting in the front seat of a car and shouting to all and sundry over a loudhailer that it's time for change.’
    • ‘The loudhailer sounds for about 7 seconds and is off for the remainder of the time.’
    • ‘Agency staff also patrolled the River banks at the two towns where the river burst its banks, using loudhailers to advise householders to evacuate.’
    public address system, pa system, speaker, speaker unit, speaker system, microphone
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