Definition of lotusbird in English:



  • A jacana with a pink comb on the forehead, found in Australasia and Indonesia.

    Irediparra gallinacea, family Jacanidae. Alternative name: comb-crested jacana

    • ‘Opposite the pond and on the other side of the walkway, another waterfall sends water coursing down a rocky route the length of the aviary, splashing into a pool at the lower end of the aviary, where you may see comb-crested jacanas strolling across the floating lily pads.’
    • ‘The lotus-bird or comb-crested jacana ranges from Borneo and the Philippines through New Guinea and eastern Australia.’
    • ‘There are eight species of birds in this family: the lesser jacana, the African jacana, the Madagascar jacana, the northern jacana, comb-crested jacana, the bronze-winged jacana, the pheasant-tailed jacana and the wattled jacana.’
    • ‘Kakadu supports more than 280 species of birds, from comb-crested jacanas tiptoeing across colossal pink lotus lilies to the electric-blue little kingfisher we find peeking from the cavity of a dead pandanus tree.’
    • ‘Other commonly seen and more widespread waterbirds are the jabiru, the comb-crested jacana, cormorants, darters, egrets, ibises and herons.’