Definition of lotus position in English:

lotus position

(also lotus posture)


  • A cross-legged position for meditation, with the feet resting on the thighs.

    • ‘For this reason, the Buddha teaches his students to sit in the full lotus posture with upright minds.’
    • ‘Group toning and chanting was always followed by silent meditation and many assumed lotus postures for this.’
    • ‘Well, just as the lotus is undeniably a special flower, so the lotus position does have its virtues.’
    • ‘The half lotus and full lotus positions are excellent for establishing stability of body and mind.’
    • ‘When you sit in the lotus position, you should sit naturally straight.’
    • ‘Mattresses were spread right there on the floor, and twelve fit-looking young guys seated themselves in the lotus position.’
    • ‘She demonstrates how to make the lotus posture more divine.’
    • ‘I entered my altar room and sat in the lotus position.’
    • ‘To ‘ground ‘that energy and balance the flow of Pran streaming through the nerve system, Yogi cross their legs in the lotus posture, and bring their hands together.’’
    • ‘As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I see an elderly monk sitting on the floor, murmuring and blessing an older woman seated in a lotus position in front of him.’
    • ‘Sitting in the full lotus position kept my mind more focused and alert - compared to sitting in half lotus.’
    • ‘Sit comfortably, in the lotus position if you wish.’
    • ‘Therefore sitting posture, especially the lotus posture, is a firm and balanced physical position for the meditator.’
    • ‘I adjusted my sitting position into a lotus position and clasped my hands over my head, then bent over, stretching as far as I could go.’
    • ‘They would sit in silence in the lotus posture and fast, drinking only water.’
    • ‘I got in the lotus position and began the deep breathing exercises.’
    • ‘I carefully examined her legs to see if she was in lotus position.’
    • ‘As your flexibility increases you may be able to then sit in the half-lotus, then full lotus positions.’
    • ‘In the first he saw a yogi, in lotus posture, deep in meditation.’
    • ‘The movie introduces us to a child who might be a distant cousin of little Buddha: he sits in a lotus position and is surrounded by a myriad of candles.’


lotus position