Definition of lost soul in English:

lost soul


  • 1A soul that is damned.

    • ‘I am a lost soul who has found everything they need.’
    • ‘This unusual narrative recounts the revelations of a lost soul to a former acquaintance; it is a powerful record of the steps which led a young woman to lose her soul in Hell for all eternity.’
    • ‘As one minister phrased it, ‘The greatest thing in the world is to lead a lost soul to Christ.’’
    • ‘My job as a born again Christian is to have a burden for lost souls and by listening to all that you have said... yours is lost.’
    • ‘Now, I'm a lost soul, pursued by devils that torment me day and night; they keep pushing me on and on.’
    • ‘God of the lost, God of the found, grant us the love to rejoice with each lost soul that is found, remembering that others welcomed us when we were gathered in.’
    • ‘On the contrary, to judge by the entries in his Journal at this time, he tended to regard himself very much as a sinner and a lost soul.’
    • ‘We're left with a fairly grim depiction of a lost soul sinking deeper into a swamp of his own making - not a very edifying cinema experience.’
    • ‘If anyone misses repentance he will miss salvation, he is not in possession of eternal life, he does not have forgiveness of sin, he is a lost soul and without God and without hope in this world and the world to come.’
    • ‘Divine love will not transform the lost soul or readers who are this type.’
    1. 1.1humorous A person who seems unable to cope with everyday life.
      ‘a few lost souls wander aimlessly down to the front and stare up at the stage’
      • ‘Struggling to suppress his trademark intelligence, he plays a doughy, shambling, lost soul.’
      • ‘Kevin, would you happen to have room for another lost soul at your house for a little while?’
      • ‘She meets Robert, a dentist, whose life appears conventional, but is in fact a fellow lost soul.’
      • ‘He is an emotionless, lost soul wandering the streets and helping out strangers while looking for a clean razor and dry cleaner for his dirty overcoat!’
      • ‘One such lost soul turned up at my office door earlier today.’
      • ‘The nice thing is that everyone left at 12, so I have the entire building to myself - and have locked my office door in case some lost soul wanders by looking for help I can't give.’
      • ‘My brother James, as I am sure I have mentioned before, is a bit of a lost soul.’
      • ‘While not locked in his office, he wanders the corridors like a lost soul.’
      • ‘Buzzell was a lost soul, waiting for a thunderbolt to blast him out of his dead-end existence.’
      • ‘Just a half hour ago he was looking like a lost soul, and now he's prancing around, giddy as a schoolgirl.’