Definition of lost property in English:

lost property


  • A place where lost items are stored to await retrieval by their owners.

    North American term lost-and-found
    • ‘Apparently they put the weapon up for sale on the website with a £1 reserve price in a bid to clear their lost property office.’
    • ‘I called the lost property section, but none of their drivers have handed in a mobile phone today yet.’
    • ‘Lost property is only stored here for one day and then goes to the lost property office of the state capital Munich.’
    • ‘Another active campaign saw the establishment of a lost property office, where students may reclaim mislaid books and other items.’
    • ‘He used to steal leather jackets from department stores and hand them in to a lost property office until he could legitimately claim them as his own.’
    • ‘How many times do I have to tell you - this column is not a lost property department.’
    • ‘But at one York pub, the lost property collection is a treasure trove of unusual items, including accessories for a false hand.’
    • ‘This orphan gets a job in a lost property office.’
    • ‘Bosses at Blackpool Transport were among the first to give scheme a kickstart after donating 48 handsets, worth £240, from their lost property office.’
    • ‘The property will then be stored in the lost property locker located in the Building.’
    • ‘A porter asked me if I had lost something, took me to the lost property room and there was my wallet, intact.’
    • ‘Can I say thank you to the person who handed in my handbag to the lost property office on Wednesday morning?’
    • ‘Standing next to the Seventies-built police station, it was used for years as the police's lost property and filing store.’
    • ‘In a nice twist, the audience discovers that the lost property attendant has, in fact, been hoarding people's belongings.’
    • ‘With the new season underway, the first items of the season have been deposited in the lost property dept.’
    • ‘Have you tried contacting the lost property office?’
    • ‘One day a married couple presented themselves at the lost property office to report the loss of the wife's wristlet watch.’
    • ‘I checked with the lost property department, but they'd had nothing handed in.’
    • ‘Thousands of handbags are left on trains each year, top of the list is Chiltern Trains with 780 bags handed into lost property last year.’
    • ‘I am sure that my book will still be in the library somewhere, but actually finding it may be hard, as it may well get thrown on the pile of books to be reshelved rather than sent to the lost property section.’