Definition of lossless in English:



  • 1Having or involving no dissipation of electrical or electromagnetic energy.

    ‘a lossless transmission line’
    • ‘For angles exceeding the critical angle, as defined for the lossless case, the refracted waves are evanescent and the reflectivity is very close to unity.’
    • ‘Since the line is lossless, the SWR would be the same at all points on the line.’
    • ‘Applications for this type of technology include lossless splitters in which an incoming beam is split into multiple output beams, each amplified by passing through the rare-earth-doped glass.’
    • ‘In dense media with lossless reflection arising from multiple scattering, the threshold for laser action is greatly reduced.’
    1. 1.1Computing (of data compression) without loss of information.
      • ‘This is achieved by a lossless compression technique that can be as much as 6 times faster than before.’
      • ‘Sure, you need to know whether you want high-quality, virtually lossless, high memory-usage or a lower-quality, more lossy compression, more compact recording.’
      • ‘Such a lossless data compression technology would have widespread applications in telecommunications and data storage, for instance, enabling video and other high bandwidth applications to work over narrowband networks.’
      • ‘It involves what is called lossless compression, which means that the images can be compressed so they can be sent quicker from one computer to another but without any loss of quality, thereby ensuring an exact copy.’
      • ‘One way to mitigate the packet loss problem is through lossless data compression.’