Definition of lose patience (or lose one's patience) in English:

lose patience (or lose one's patience)


  • Become unable to keep one's temper.

    ‘even Laurence finally lost patience with him’
    • ‘Or have you simply lost your patience and want to move to a liquid-crystal display monitor right away?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it seems the courts are losing their patience.’
    • ‘The meeting was delayed for about 30 minutes, until some alumni lost their patience.’
    • ‘We were attacked many times, but never lost our patience or belief in the peace process.’
    • ‘I really am losing my patience with the whole thing.’
    • ‘I was imperturbable at work, never losing my patience or raising my voice.’
    • ‘Just keep a cool head and don't lose your patience or your temper.’
    • ‘Okay, so you lost your patience, had him and lost him.’
    • ‘Gareth was slowly losing his patience and temper as he tried to get them to block each other's blows.’
    • ‘Rhea was close to losing her patience and her temper.’