Definition of lose one's mind (or one's marbles) in English:

lose one's mind (or one's marbles)


  • Go insane.

    • ‘She laughed, her eyes weren't focused and she seemed to have lost her mind and gone insane.’
    • ‘A long time ago he began to lose his mind and he started imagining things that are not real.’
    • ‘So then I went to Nantucket and lost my mind for a minute.’
    • ‘But in his circles all neurological problems were known as having lost one's marbles.’
    • ‘Sometimes the cause is not very clear and we think that we have lost our mind, that we are crazy.’
    • ‘Tragically, his boat was later found adrift, no sign of him on board, and in a filthy cabin were the insane diary entries of one who had clearly lost his mind.’
    • ‘I lost my mind and I ran back home, trying to explain it to my mom.’
    • ‘She looked at me as if I had lost my mind, then she looked out the window.’
    • ‘I pretty much lost my mind between March and September.’
    • ‘Yes, I've probably lost my mind, but if that's true, I don't really care.’
    become insane, lose one's reason, lose one's mind, take leave of one's senses, go off one's head, go crazy
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