Definition of lose heart in English:

lose heart


  • Become discouraged.

    ‘seeing all the things that had to be done, she lost heart’
    • ‘Even the most dedicated health professional, faced with continuing requests to do more with less, eventually loses heart and looks for employment in the private sector or outside the industry.’
    • ‘He finds he is not fit physically for the struggle, and he loses heart and gives up.’
    • ‘What should have happened was the next week they should have marched again, but after that march people really lost heart.’
    • ‘By then the protesters appeared to have lost heart and left the lecture hall looking disconsolate as the audience gave Mr Jones a round of applause.’
    • ‘Professional athletes have found that dogged persistence, stamina and endurance - and never giving up, letting up, or losing heart is one of the main keys to becoming a great professional athlete.’
    • ‘This is the one hurdle at which most listeners coming in hope, tend to falter and often lose heart and turn away.’
    • ‘However discouraging the prospect, he never lost heart.’
    • ‘The activists are said to have lost heart, and the floating voters - unhappy at progress in the health service and education - will not bother to walk to the polling booth.’
    • ‘There is no reason for him to lose heart because such things have happened in the past.’
    • ‘It really is like a war zone there and we are losing heart.’
    be despondent, lose heart, give up hope, become dispirited, become dejected, despond
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