Definition of lorica in English:



  • 1historical A Roman corselet or cuirass of leather.

    • ‘Marcus assisted Vandal in putting on what he called the lorica segmentata, the main part of amour that protected the torso.’
    • ‘Most conspicuous were the dark clumps consisting of several individuals with their loricas cemented together.’
    • ‘The loricae themselves, in all cases, seems to be rather stylized, with far more and narrower horizontal bands than any type known from archaeology.’
    • ‘All weapons, armor, embolon, figurehead, and high-class loricae are made by them.’
    • ‘The legionary soldiers based at Exeter wore a type of body armour called lorica segmentata made from strips of iron, leather straps and copper alloy fittings.’
  • 2Zoology
    The rigid case or shell of some rotifers and protozoans.

    • ‘Choanoflagellates have no fossil record, although some marine species secrete delicate loricae, or outer coverings, made of fine, interwoven silica bars.’
    • ‘Upon asexual reproduction, the loricae of the ciliate kill the colonized area by emitting chemicals that cause lysis of the coral tissue.’
    • ‘The abdomen is usually covered with a thin lorica with many folds.’
    • ‘The loricas of these Trachelomonas cells collected from a small, freshwater pond exhibit the characteristic orange pigmentation often seen in the genus.’
    • ‘The plesiomorphic condition in both adults and larvae of the lorica seems to be a thin lorica with many plicae.’


Latin, literally ‘breastplate’.