Definition of lords and ladies in English:

lords and ladies


  • another term for cuckoo pint
    • ‘Arum italicum ‘Pictum’, a relative of the wild Arum maculatum, is probably more recognisable from its common names of lords and ladies or cuckoopint.’
    • ‘Cuckoo pint or Lords and Ladies grows in woodlands, hedges and ditches.’
    • ‘The Arum family, Aroidae, which numbers nearly 1,000 members, mostly tropical, and many of them marsh or water plants, is represented in this country by a sole species, Arum maculatum, familiarly known as Lords and Ladies, or Cuckoo-pint.’
    • ‘The other side of Oak Beck is a damp patch of sweet and sour - wild garlic, and growing through it, naturalised skunk cabbages that resemble giant lords and ladies but with a bright yellow sheath around the spike.’