Definition of lordliness in English:



  • See lordly

    • ‘Maybe we should hear the symbolic and figurative meanings of horns in Hebrew - maturity, power, lordliness, arrogance, plenty, the corners of the altar - as well as the singular meaning, ‘sending out rays.’’
    • ‘It is the town of lordliness, absolute harmony and alternations.’
    • ‘He had put on weight, increased in size, and, protected by the taboo, had become self-confident almost to lordliness.’
    • ‘Gallic lordliness on all matters great and small isn't really sustained by the historical record.’
    • ‘The second section explores contrasting divine attributes in ways that put their relationship to the soul's condition on good display (God's serenity and creativity, self-sufficiency and faithfulness, lordliness and lowliness).’