Definition of Lord Commissioner in English:

Lord Commissioner


  • 1The representative of the Crown at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

    • ‘In 1714 he was elected Member of Parliament, and from 1714 to 1717 he served as Lord Commissioner of the Treasury.’
    • ‘The practice of appointing Lords Commissioners to grant assent on behalf of the Sovereign became increasingly common.’
    • ‘But a mere Lord Commissioner will have more power than the noble Baroness, who is a Minister of State.’
    • ‘The Speaker elect leads the House to the Lords to hear a speech by the Lords Commissioners.’
    • ‘In 1886 he was Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, and resigned it two years later as a protest against the nation's neglect of the Fleet.’
  • 2Lords Commissioners(in the UK) the members of a board performing the duties of a high state office put in commission.

    • ‘In 1855, the Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty requested the observations of the Commissioners on the establishment of a light - other than a Harbour Light - at Douglas Harbour, in the Isle of Man.’
    • ‘Another worry which concerns me is the question of which Ministers are deemed to be senior Ministers, who can take these decisions. One group of Ministers, the Lord Commissioners, are empowered to take these decisions.’
    • ‘His Majesty hath been pleased by his Order in Council dated 18th day of March 1756 to refer the consideration of this affair to the said Lord Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury.’