Definition of Lord Chamberlain in English:

Lord Chamberlain

(also Lord Chamberlain of the Household)


  • (in the UK) the official in charge of the royal household, formerly the licenser of plays.

    • ‘Thus for almost two-and-a-half centuries, various Lords Chamberlain determined what British audiences could or could not see on public stages.’
    • ‘The Lord Chamberlain provides advice and assistance to the King and the other members of the Royal Family.’
    • ‘On ceremonial occasions the Lord Chamberlain carries a white staff and a key, the symbols of his office.’
    • ‘He held the office of Lord Chamberlain of the Household from January 1853 to February 1858.’
    • ‘Until recently, the Lord Chamberlain also had the role of licenser of plays in the City of London, Westminster, and certain other areas.’