Definition of loranthus in English:



  • A semi-parasitic Asian plant of the mistletoe family, which has orange or red flowers and oval berries.

    Family Loranthaceae; most species formerly in the genus Loranthus are now placed in other genera

    • ‘Altogether about 1,400 species of parasitic Angiosperms are known, occurring chiefly in the following groups: Archichlamydeae, Santalales, Loranthaceae (the Mistletoes): 30 genera, 520 species, common in tropics; the New Zealand genera are Loranthus, Elytranthe, Tupeia and Korthalsella, all with endemic species.’
    • ‘In 1911 Bateson recorded the occurrence of a species of Loranthus growing on rubber trees in Pahang.’
    • ‘To kill the parasite, one hole is made by drilling at the bottom of the Loranthus and a mixture of 7 g of copper sulfate and 1g of 2,4-D is applied.’


Modern Latin (genus name), from Latin lorum ‘strap’ + Greek anthos ‘flower’.