Definition of Loran in English:



mass noun
  • A system of long-distance navigation in which position is determined from the intervals between signal pulses received from widely spaced radio transmitters.

    ‘he checked his bearings on the loran’
    as modifier ‘a loran signal’
    • ‘While Loran is operated and maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard, costs are shared with the Federal Aviation Administration because Loran is used by thousands of private pilots.’
    • ‘No license is needed for an EPIRB, radar, Loran, GPS, depth finder or CB radio.’
    • ‘Two wires from your GPS or Loran C navigation receiver carry a digital signal that precisely specifies your boat's position.’
    • ‘But you know that Loran signals may drift a bit at dusk and dawn when a weather front approaches.’
    • ‘The major advantage is its ability to send an automatic Mayday that not only identifies the vessel (by the MMSI) but also gives its location when the radio is connected to a Loran or GPS.’


1940s: from lo(ng-)ra(nge) n(avigation).