Definition of loppers in English:


plural noun

  • A cutting tool, especially for pruning trees.

    ‘a good pair of loppers’
    • ‘I know how the prune-craze can grip you when you set to with the secateurs, let alone a pair of loppers and an axe.’
    • ‘And finally, I take my loppers and head for the roses and red-twigged dogwoods.’
    • ‘The victim grabbed a piece of firewood to fend off his attacker and one of the attacking group brandished a pair of garden loppers.’
    • ‘Next, use the loppers or pruning saw to remove as many of the oldest canes as necessary at ground level.’
    • ‘Volunteers are asked to wear suitable clothing and strong gloves and, if possible, bring their own long-handled loppers or bow saws.’
    • ‘When cutting a branch, use clean, sharp hand pruners or loppers to make a smooth cut.’
    • ‘Anvil pruners and loppers have a cutting blade that comes down on an anvil, cutting a stem as if it were laid on a chopping block.’
    • ‘When your rose garden starts to mature there will come a time when loppers will be indispensable for cutting back old, thick canes that are too much for pruning shears.’
    • ‘Palm fronds are notoriously difficult to feed through a mulching machine, but they do make excellent mulch if they are chopped up roughly by hand with loppers and spread under trees and shrubs.’
    • ‘Sawing with hand secateurs on larger branches is unpleasant and ineffective and large parrot-beak or anvil loppers will be needed.’
    • ‘On shrubs with many crowded shoots, use loppers or hand pruners to cut about a third of the oldest shoots back to the ground at the right time of year for pruning a particular shrub.’
    • ‘Remember to make sure loppers, saws and secateurs are sharp before doing any winter pruning; untidy cuts made at this time of the year are ideal entry points for fungus, bacteria and other diseases.’
    • ‘Use loppers or secateurs and cut back last year's growth to within just two buds from the main framework.’
    • ‘It really is time to get my loppers, secateurs and knives out to start attacking the mess now to avoid even messier oversights later in the year.’
    • ‘The first task for me will be cutting back roses and other shrubs, which calls for a great pair of loppers.’
    • ‘If you have older plants with many thick stems at the base, you'll also need a small pruning saw or loppers, or both.’
    • ‘We got out some loppers and pulled down the plump yellow fruits, collecting them in a big basket.’
    • ‘Use long-handled loppers or a small pruning saw to cut larger stems and to reach into the center of dense shrubs.’
    • ‘My first task is to get out my loppers and attack the roses in the poppy field.’
    • ‘The proper tool for this pruning cut is the hand pruners, long handled loppers, or a pruning saw for the larger branches.’