Definition of lophodont in English:



  • 1(of molar teeth) having transverse ridges on the grinding surfaces, characteristic of some ungulates.

    • ‘Thus they tend to revert to the trigonid form, but without cusps, so that the work is done by curved ridges: lophodont dentition.’
    • ‘The morphology of its lophodont molars indicates that Karagalax is a tapiromorph, and it is here included in the primitive family Isectolophidae.’
    • ‘Lophodont teeth have elongated ridges called lophs that run between cusps.’
    • ‘The molars of macropodids are hypsodont, quadritubercular, and either selenodont or lophodont or a combination of the two forms.’
    1. 1.1 (of an ungulate) having lophodont teeth.
      • ‘Bulungamayine kangaroos are thus rival candidates for the role of ancestors of modern, lophodont kangaroos.’
      • ‘Modern species are lophodont (complexly so in equids), in contrast to artiodactyls, which tend to be selenodont or bunodont.’


  • An animal with lophodont teeth.


Late 19th century: from lopho- ‘crest’ + Greek odous, odont- ‘tooth’.