Definition of loosey-goosey in English:



North American
  • Imprecise, disorganized, or excessively relaxed.

    ‘other guys can goof around, be all loosey-goosey before a game’
    ‘a loosey-goosey interpretation of traditional doctrine’
    • ‘He just might be the loosey-goosey quarterback the Patriots don't want to see right now.’
    • ‘It's a music documentary with a laid back feel, just right for Adam's expert but loosey-goosey rock/country/folk music.’
    • ‘Webb is a loosey-goosey guy and only his action of sneaking out of the production truck between innings to steal a smoke shows the kind of tension he and his fellows are under in the course of bringing the action into millions of homes.’
    • ‘This loosey-goosey approach might make it easier for some motivated students to jump the GED hurdle swiftly and move on to college or work.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this seems to entail excessive, gaudy ornamentation of their country-tinged pop numbers and moments of forced spontaneity to convince us they're the same loosey-goosey bar band they always were.’
    • ‘With some classes you may be able to get away with the loosey-goosey approach of just letting students hit you with questions, but high schoolers will typically expect you to bring something to the table.’
    • ‘The producer can sometimes be so loosey-goosey as to be annoying, but he reins in that tendency here and provides a solid anchor for both leading actors to key from.’
    • ‘We have - kind of - a very loosey-goosey way of working.’
    • ‘A lot of people think we're just relaxed, loosey-goosey, but we have a lot of discipline.’


1980s: fanciful formation from loose + goosey.