Definition of loose rein in English:

loose rein


  • 1A manner of riding in which the reins are held slackly, allowing the horse to relax.

    ‘on a loose rein, he ran better’
    • ‘After the horse stops, Sam may opt to give him a loose rein as reward.’
    • ‘Therefore, your riding goal for the first several weeks should be achieving a long, slow, relaxed walk, both with contact on the reins, and on a loose rein / contact.’
    • ‘He represents the hunt followers as having good, light hands and aiming to ride on a loose rein, taking only the lightest possible contact with their horses' mouths, and then only with small snaffle bits.’
    • ‘These horsemen rode with short stirrups, in snaffle bridles with a loose rein, in an uncollected, free forward manner that was the exact opposite of the extreme collection of the Continental riding school, with its emphasis on curb bits.’
    1. 1.1 A lack of strict control.
      ‘he ran foreign affairs on a loose rein’
      • ‘Rousseau defined it in his dictionary as ‘A kind of free music, in which the composer, without subjecting himself to any theme, gives loose rein to his genius, and submits himself to the fire of composition’.’
      • ‘His attitude was that she was eighteen and he trusted her enough to allow her a loose rein.’
      • ‘Let young women out on a loose rein and they'll run wild.’
      • ‘I really wanted this job- and you say you keep a loose rein.’