Definition of looper in English:



  • 1British A caterpillar of a geometrid moth, which moves forward by arching and straightening its body.

    North American term inchworm
    • ‘The company is now field testing its use in reducing looper reproduction as well as evaluating a commercial version of the killing station.’
    • ‘In April, the researchers began field testing another lure formulation that attracts alfalfa loopers, cabbage loopers, and corn earworms.’
    • ‘The cabbage looper larvae are a light green color with light stripes running down their backs.’
    • ‘For the most part tachinid flies prey on caterpillars, including cutworms, gypsy moths, tent caterpillars (whose sticky web tents do not protect them completely from these flies), and the ever present cabbage looper.’
    • ‘Large amounts of dark green pellets excreted by the feeding looper may stain cauliflower heads.’
    • ‘The newly seeded alfalfa has plant bugs and potato leafhoppers and established alfalfa has army worms, alfalfa loopers, thistle caterpillars, and variegated cut worms.’
    • ‘They are economical to raise, however, and mass releases can be very effective against corn earworm, cabbageworms, loopers, hornworms, codling moth and other leaf-eating caterpillars.’
    • ‘Some of these wasps are small enough to attack aphids or whiteflies, while others parasitize larger prey such as cabbage loopers, cutworms, and tomato hornworms.’
    • ‘Aphids, cabbage loopers, flea beetles, leafhoppers and leaf miners are some of the insects that attack lettuce, but slug are the most notorious for loving lettuce.’
  • 2A device for making loops.

    • ‘Use decorative thread in the upper looper and adjust the machine for a short, rolled-edge stitch.’
    • ‘For even more stretch, use textured-nylon or polyester thread in the needle and loopers.’
    • ‘There was no time to wonder at the marvels of engineering that kept loopers, needles and blades dancing without a misstep even as the speed hit maximum.’
    • ‘Follow the threading order as described in the manual, which is usually loopers and then the needle (s).’
    • ‘Using a 4-thread, medium-length balanced stitch and serger thread in the needle and loopers, serge the front to back at both shoulders.’