Definition of loonie in English:


nounPlural loonies

  • A Canadian one-dollar coin, introduced in 1987.

    • ‘A loonie is a Canadian one dollar coin, on which is pictured a common loon.’
    • ‘I supposed it was good that he'd paid because I only had a loonie and a dime in my pocket.’
    • ‘The value of the loonie discouraged 17 per cent of Canadians from travelling outside the country while one per cent did not know or refused to answer.’
    • ‘Without a doubt, the loonie's sharp appreciation has somewhat eroded the competitiveness of Canada's export sector.’
    • ‘The central bank wants to help keep a lid on the loonie, which jumped by a dramatic 20 per cent last year, driven in part by the sizeable gap between interest rates here and in the United States coupled with weakness in the U.S. economy.’


From loon (because of the image on the coin) + -ie.