Definition of lookup in English:



  • 1[mass noun], [usually as modifier] The action of systematic electronic information retrieval.

    • ‘The server is set up to send a malformed response to DNS lookups.’
    • ‘This makes lookups faster, he said, which means the databases can be larger and more comprehensive.’
    • ‘Allowing the network to have dynamic members while ensuring that storage and lookups still function properly certainly is an improvement to our design.’
    • ‘Other connection filtering techniques include reverse lookups, verifying computer names and verifying the from email address.’
    • ‘For performance tuning it is possible with servlets to cache common data (such as database queries) in memory to avoid unnecessary and costly database lookups.’
    1. 1.1A facility for lookup.
      ‘dictionary with fast phonetic lookup’
      • ‘But wireless carriers outside Europe have not offered that latter option for Internet services such as games, directory lookup or other content until recently.’
      • ‘This facilitated a quick lookup of parental data given a genotype but did not allow a more complete description of the parental pedigree.’
      • ‘The Advanced Phonetic Lookup on the Record Details page allows you to perform various types of searches against the database using predefined combinations of fields as criteria.’
      • ‘With an Internet connection available, then the integral CDDB lookup facility will quickly fill in the Artist, Title, Album, etc. from its database.’
      • ‘In addition to that, it may be used in practical applications, such as interactive grammatical lookup and intelligent dictionaries, spell checkers, etc.’