Definition of look up in English:

look up

phrasal verb

  • (of a situation) improve.

    ‘things seemed to be looking up at last’
    • ‘They followed this up with a draw against Down and a win over Louth and things were looking up.’
    • ‘Business is looking up.’
    • ‘I think things are looking up now, so fingers crossed there should be more posts.’
    • ‘To be fair, things had been looking up on the children's story front before Dahl arrived.’
    • ‘With an increase in the number of heavy metal record labels things are looking up.’
    • ‘When events in life take a turn for the better, we say that things are looking up.’
    • ‘In terms of pace, mind you, things are at long last looking up for Scotland, even behind the scrum.’
    • ‘So things are looking up these days, really.’
    • ‘He'd just got a new flat and a girlfriend and things were really looking up.’
    • ‘Forecasters say things could be looking up for local residents.’
    improve, show improvement, get better, pick up, advance, develop, come along, come on, progress, make progress, make headway, shape up, perk up, rally, take a turn for the better
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