Definition of look down on in English:

look down on

phrasal verb

  • Regard (someone) with a feeling of superiority.

    ‘my mother had social pretensions and looked down on most of our neighbours’
    • ‘Why is it that parents are looked down on if they put their child in daycare, but stay at home moms also get looked down on?’
    • ‘Serving someone was looked down on, and the art of gracious service got lost.’
    • ‘Since the seventh grade I have been looked down on for something that I cannot change.’
    • ‘Who now remembers when clothes catalogues were looked down on as merely a way of buying basic items by instalment?’
    • ‘If you don't make good money you are a loser and may be looked down on, no matter how civilized and ethical you are.’
    • ‘A woman smoking on the street would be looked down on.’
    • ‘Melanie does everything wrong and everyone looks down on her, even the doormen in her building.’
    • ‘He despised his father for looking down on his mother and for neglecting Lynn.’
    • ‘Don't consider me some well-off snob who looks down on all you bus riders because I do not.’
    • ‘She had never felt so disliked and looked down on before in her life.’
    disdain, scorn, hold in disdain, regard with contempt, treat with contempt, sneer at, spurn, shun, disparage, pooh-pooh, despise
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