Definition of loo paper in English:

loo paper


mass nounBritish
  • Paper in sheets or on a roll for wiping oneself clean after urinating or defecating; toilet paper.

    • ‘In fact, he was so poor that he was unable even to buy loo paper, the filings stated.’
    • ‘I remember receiving letters from home commenting on the shortages of rations and loo paper which had widely been reported in the press.’
    • ‘In Notting Hill, you dress up to buy a roll of loo paper.’
    • ‘It surprises me, specifically, that consumers might be swayed enough by the price of loo paper to choose one supermarket chain over another.’
    • ‘The portaloos were really clean and loo paper was in good supply.’
    • ‘I adore not having to lug the boring, heavy, or bulky items such as loo paper, kitchen towel, and family-sized milk around the store, and then into my car, and then from my car into the house.’
    • ‘I went to stock up on some loo paper and alas, there was none available.’
    • ‘He spends £3,000 a week on flowers for his Los Angeles mansion and only buys black loo paper.’
    • ‘According to a paper industry survey a few years ago, the typical Briton uses 80 to 90 rolls of loo paper each year.’
    • ‘He had some drinks under one arm and a multipack of loo paper in the other.’
    • ‘I've got my box containing a kettle, tea, and loo paper—I am good at this moving thing.’