Definition of longsome in English:


(also langsum, langsome)


Irish English, English Regional, Scottish, Northern
  • 1Long, lengthy, especially excessively or tediously so; lasting or taking a long time.

  • 2Of a person: slow or tardy in action; procrastinating, dilatory. Formerly also: †tediously lengthy in writing, long-winded (obsolete). Now rare.


Old English; earliest use found in Bald's Leechbook. Cognate with or formed similarly to Middle Dutch lancsame, lancsem, lansem lasting or taking a long time, slow, procrastinating (Dutch langzaam slow, procrastinating), Old Saxon langsam enduring, long-lasting (Middle Low German lancsam, lancsum slow, lasting or taking a long time), Old High German lancsam lasting or taking a long time from the Germanic base of long + the Germanic base of -some.