Definition of longshoreman in English:



North American
  • A docker.

    • ‘Labour talks between longshoremen and shipping lines have failed after the union rejected the latest proposal in a dispute that has shut down West Coast ports at a cost of 2 billion dollars a day.’
    • ‘A week later, Port Au Prince longshoremen walked out in solidarity with the customs strike.’
    • ‘The MPA submission included a considerable financial commitment by the state and concessions from longshoremen and other port users.’
    • ‘The trains will be met by more soldiers at dockside, who will work with longshoremen and contractors to put the tanks on a ship.’
    • ‘Talks between longshoremen and shipping lines had ended when the union rejected the latest contract proposal.’
    • ‘Back in Montreal, he got a job as a longshoreman at the Old Port.’
    • ‘Today, the port successfully specializes in handling various noncontainerized commodities and is one of the few ports on the U.S. East Coast where new longshoremen have been hired in recent years.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, 200 ships up and down the West Coast, 10,000 longshoremen and about one million containers remain idled by this dispute.’
    • ‘Hundreds of dock workers clashed with police early Thursday morning in Charleston, South Carolina during a protest against the use of nonunion longshoremen to load a cargo ship.’
    • ‘Among the loudest critics are members of the port's powerful longshoremen's union.’
    • ‘If the 10,000-strong longshoremen go on strike, ports from Seattle to San Diego could shut down, meaning a big jolt to the already floundering US economy.’
    • ‘Seventy years ago, a young truck driver named Malcom McLean found himself sitting on a New Jersey dock all day, waiting for a gang of slow-moving longshoremen to get around to unloading his rig.’
    • ‘Does this scenario sound like the 2002 dockworker dispute at West Coast ports prompted by lockouts of longshoremen?’
    • ‘As a result, the jobs of 10 longshoremen who used to unload and tie up the unrefined sugar have already been eliminated.’
    • ‘The work ethic and commitment from the longshoremen and port management is superb.’
    • ‘A contract group of Italian longshoremen offloaded the ship over 2 days.’
    • ‘The lingering stereotype of a union member may still be the burly Teamster or longshoreman.’
    • ‘On Thursday the strike continued as other dock workers supported the striking longshoremen and refused to load ships at the terminal's wharf.’
    • ‘They formed a union and hired themselves out to theatres much the way longshoremen are sent out to different ports.’
    • ‘It even footed the bill to fly, rather than ship, the extra Roombas from China when a longshoremen's strike closed West Coast ports.’