Definition of longhand in English:



mass noun
  • Ordinary handwriting (as opposed to shorthand, typing, or printing)

    ‘he wrote out the reply in longhand’
    as modifier ‘a longhand draft’
    • ‘The rhetoric was vintage Reagan, and the scripts were mostly written in longhand by the politician who delivered them.’
    • ‘The text was laboriously written in longhand, typed by our printer on an office typewriter, and produced from paper plates - all 500 copies.’
    • ‘In her 70's, she still writes her books in longhand on pads.’
    • ‘While most signatures were written in longhand, some names were neatly hand printed on blocks.’
    • ‘He looks down at his notes, freshly scribbled in his longhand, and lets himself digest the contents for a minute or so.’
    • ‘The writing on the paper was in longhand and shorthand.’
    • ‘During her entire writing career, she submitted her manuscripts in longhand and allowed only minimal editing.’
    • ‘Visa issues and money woes have prevented his family from visiting the United States, so he spends most of his time writing letters home in longhand.’
    • ‘There were plenty of newsworthy exchanges between Argus and shareholders, but with 24 pages of longhand notes, one would not want to overindulge an AGM review.’
    • ‘The great educational value of having to write things out in longhand, at a pace which enabled a monk to absorb and contemplate the text, was being lost in the speed of the printing process.’
    • ‘His address, written in longhand on an A4 pad over the previous two days, was as passionate a speech as he had ever delivered - not least because it was, uniquely, almost entirely his own words.’
    • ‘I always write on the typewriter, never in longhand.’
    • ‘The forms and the photographs are there on exhibit, along with the confessions written in longhand and in great detail.’
    • ‘Shorthand is eventually transcribed to longhand, and buzzwords lose their sting.’
    • ‘The best letters of all are those written in longhand.’
    • ‘It was written in longhand, and without a doubt, by a female's hand.’
    • ‘First, when I've refined it down to a story and its scenes, I work out my order of scenes, each on a different piece of paper, and then I write out each scene in longhand.’
    • ‘He inserts a page of longhand analysis of his own.’
    • ‘Now he works out of his small apartment, mostly from a mat and some pillows set up before a low table strewn with audio equipment and papers covered in his tight longhand.’
    • ‘In English or Chinese I like to write in longhand for this reason.’
    handwriting, hand, script, penmanship, pen, print, printing, calligraphy, chirography
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